All You Need To Know About TCA Tattoo Removal

If you have visited a spa for a chemical peel treatment, then it is highly like that you will have heard about trichloroacetic acid or TCA. TCA is a chemical used to remove fine lines, scars, wrinkles, and acne as part of a dermatological treatment; however, it can also be used as a treatment for tattoo removal. This article will provide information on TCA tattoo removal and its use of TCA for tattoo fading.

How Does TCA Operate?

During the 1990’s, tattoo removal studies were conducted using this chemical and the results were positive. However, as the year’s progressed, subsequent tests indicated that TCA peel tattoo removal procedures are not suitable for all people or all tattoo types. In spite of the limited efficiency, there are several tattoo removal products with a trichloroacetic acid base. Before you purchase these products, however, it is recommended that you know more about the chemical itself.

TCA or trichloroacetic acid operates by burning the skin surface and penetrating the different skin layers. The acid penetrates deeper dependent on the concentration of TCA utilized. Products are available without prescriptions ranging from a 5% concentration to 100% concentration. When using a strong concentration, however, it is likely that you will land up in a medical facility.

Acid burns the skin and will cause inflammation in the area; it is this inflammation that causes the tattoo ink to break and rise to the skin’s surface as new skin cells develop. Generating this type of controlled inflammation repeatedly can help fade a tattoo with time. Since tattoos present in the skin are deep, a person will need to use the chemical several times. It is recommended that one re-apply the TCA liquid after six weeks as it takes approximately six weeks for skin to peel and repair for the next cycle. It is also recommended that one follow the instructions provided with the product regarding application and the peeling cycle.

Can TCA Tattoo Removal Result In Scarring And Is It Painful?

The majority of product vendors claim that this procedure is 100% safe to us, but many studies indicate that the at least 20% of all users have experienced skin problems including severe blistering, mild irritation, and skin discoloration. This is why it is important to use the product on a small portion of the skin before use on the entire tattoo. Even if you do not experience a reactive to the TCA agent, there is the chance of scarring when the tattoo fades as a result of the fading ink.

As is mentioned above, TCA tattoo removal is not suitable for all people. Research has found that people with darker skin tones should avoid this chemical peel treatment as it can trigger hypopigmentation. This condition involves a light patch of skin being left behind in the area where the tattoo was placed.

Which Type Of Tattoo Is Most Successfully Removed Using TCA?

Many tests have found that TCA tattoo removal products work best to remove homemade tattoos or novice tattoos that are not located deep in the skin. Professional tattoos are often located deep in the lower layers of skin, and a laser treatment is not always able to remove it entirely.

Final Words

As can be seen, the use of TCA tattoo removals can be efficient; however, there are various disadvantages, such as scarring.

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